The Relentless Internship is a 3 month program designed to grow young adults in the knowledge of God by cultivating an unceasing pursuit of Christ through the central realities of intimacy with Christ, intercession, end-times understanding, prophetic ministry, and justice and compassion ministry. We seek to mobilize a prayer and missions movement that exalts Jesus in the North Florida region by equipping a generation of prophetic voices to set their hearts and minds upon relentlessly pursuing God with all that they are.

This is an urgent hour of history. Increasing lawlessness, sin, and a spirit of tolerance is leading many astray and causing many believers to compromise. Many young adults are wavering in their faith, bound by shame, addictions, and complacency, from buying into a gospel of cheap grace. Yet, amidst the darkness of this generation, the Holy Spirit is setting apart and raising up "burning and shining lamps" who will say "yes" to running hard after God with all their mind, soul and strength.

God will use these prophetic voices to "turn many to righteousness" (Dan. 12:3) as they demonstrate the love and power of God and walk in radical obedience out of a place of deep love and allegiance to Jesus. We believe walking in that kind of radical obedience translates into all areas of your life. Anyone can give a message, but a voice delivers nations. Just as He did with Moses, so God is raises up voices of deliverance in the "wilderness" of prayer and fasting and radical obedience.

The central reality of scripture is the fact that God is pursuing you with greater intensity than you could ever pursue Him. We were made to know God primarily through His Word, yet out of a place of encounter -- the Relentless Internship provides a context that brings instruction in concert with encounter. Over and over again, through the work of the Holy Spirit, hearts come alive in love as both realities successfully come together and the knowledge of God begins to take root with staying power.

Through the Relentless Internship, interns will receive undistracted time, resources, and theological training to help them cultivate a deep pursuit of God rooted in the Word, as well as spiritual impartation through prophetic ministry and cultural engagement. Enter into a lifestyle of radical obedience! We believe the Holy Spirit will give a spirit of grace to you to love God in this way, to live for something more than the status quo, and to become a prophetic voice that impacts hearts and transforms nations out of love Jesus.

    Relentless Interns will receive:
  • Theological training in the context of night and day prayer and worship.
  • Undistracted time to seek God and be rooted in intimacy with Christ
  • Personal and corporate prophetic ministry
  • Prophetic ministry training accompanied by apostolic anointing and power
  • Opportunities to establish 24/7 worship and prayer in Tallahassee
  • Community-living with believers who love God and others alike
  • Training to mobilize a prayer and missions movement to impact the southeast US region/wherever God sends you

We invite you to take a season of your life to enter into the "wilderness" -- to be immersed in a season of tasting and seeing that the Lord is good; to encounter the heart of the Father; to set a strong foundation for your life; to build a habitation for His presence; to see the worth of the Man Jesus -- the Lamb who was slain -- our Great Reward, and respond as voices to prepare the way in this hour for His soon return.

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(Application deadline is 2 weeks before the internship begins.)

  • Mon - Fri: Classes, Prayer Room
  • Friday: Team Building and Outreach
  • Saturday: Day of rest/Various activities
  • Sunday: Morning Service, Day of rest

Interns will receive training through the following Internship Classes as well as Weekend Intensives and training with guest instructors:

  • Song of Solomon
  • The Lost Art of Intercession
  • Eschatology - An End-Times Study
  • In Pursuit of Christ: Living a Consecrated Lifestyle
  • The Excellencies of Christ (IHOPU eSchool course)

Classes are also individually offered outside of the internship for $100 per 12 week class.

The total cost for the 12 week internship is $500. Within two weeks of acceptance into the Relentless Internship, a $50.00 non-refundable deposit is required. This deposit confirms your intent to attend the internship.

This series of interviews and testimonies with our full-time staff is meant to encourage you in what God is calling thousands to across the globe: intercessory missions.

Perhaps you feel called to minister before the Lord and impact this generation with the Gospel as a vocation. Check out these interviews as you pray for direction!